8287451_origGood job!

You have your pretty 5-10 page website you’ve spent good money on, which should, theoretically, bring in more customers and increase sales. Unfortunately, there are over 50 million websites out there, with a mere half a million boasting success, and success, in this context, is traffic. So, how do you prevent yours from following the millions of others to that great digital graveyard in the sky?

Few people will surf the internet looking for a specific company. Most search for information about a certain subject and, to make your website successful, it must provide that information, answering real questions relevant to your industry. If it doesn’t, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be found.

That is why Search Engine Optimisation and Keywords are vital to any well-written web content. Extensive market research should be carried out to establish your target audience so you can incorporate specific keywords. A professional copywriter has the ability to work with you to achieve a shared understanding of your customer base, writing content that will enable your site to soar up those infernal rankings.

The most common reason for website failure is badly written content. Spelling mistakes, misuse of punctuation and grammatical errors scream unprofessionalism, creating a bleak first impression of your company. Once a customer has clicked away from your site because of glaring errors, believe me, they will not return. Website designers are not professional writers. They can provide a site that looks good and has great links, but the content is not their number one priority. Here, at UKContentWriter, we work with individuals, taking the time to ensure all our work is edited and proofed.

‘That’s it then,’ I hear you say, ‘I have great SEO friendly, pertinent web content that doesn’t insult the English language.’

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. You will have to impress the ‘Spiders’. These are programs search engines put in place. Sneaky little critters that can actually detect when your site was last updated and, if not recently, you can sink down those rankings faster than a diver’s boot. Therefore, once you have perfected your landing page, you need to consider having regular updates.

Along with social media feeds, having or linking a blog to your site is the best way to do this. You will not only achieve better rankings with quality updated content, you will also get shares which will, in turn, drive more traffic to your website. Another added benefit of engaging your customers with newsworthy, relevant industry content, helpful tips, even staff profiles, is that you’ll build stronger relationships with them without too much self-promotion, enabling you to get more repeat business.

Here, at UKContentWriter, we understand this can be time-consuming and, after all, you have a business to run. Why not try one of our stress-free competitive packages to ensure your website is working for you?

Web Review – £25

We will review up to five pages or 2,500 words. Checking for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation, flow and lack of optimisation. You will receive a written review highlighting any potential problems.

Monthly Blog Package – £50 

We will create 4 x 500-word blog posts. You provide titles, or we can take the stress off and submit our own ideas.

In-Depth Monthly Blog Package – £100 

We will research and write 4 x 750-1000-word blog posts with external links, statistics, etc., making sure you keep ahead of your competition.

Writing Packages

1 x 500-word SEO friendly web page – £25 

Delivered in two days

5 x 500-word SEO friendly web pages – £120

Delivered in one week

10 x 500-word SEO friendly web pages – £225 

Delivered in 10 days

We also offer bespoke solutions. Feel free to contact us with any special requirements.

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